TOIVON originates from the Finnish language,


It means “I hope”!


In that retrospect, we hope that we can work as one.


We are a new-born software studio,


We specialize and pay close attention in mobile internet industry,


We hope to share our growth with you!


We have just developed our third game,


And have given it the name “Kingdom of Pirates”,


We hope you like this game!


Dream Undercity -- We’ve been waiting for you for a long time, Your Grace!


Legend has it that mysterious treasures are buried deep underground. Are they priceless? Are they magical weapons of extraordinary power?


Archaeologists have been working hard on excavating the area to uncover the truth. In attempts to unearth buried treasure, many have built underground cities, revived dinosaurs from their extinction, and trained them to do their bidding.


Cities are forming underground, one after another.However, this new world is incomplete without you. Your subjects and dinosaurs are calling out for a wise master who will guide them through the creation of this underground kingdom.




--Each floor of the undercity has its own special traits. You are the one who decides what goes where!

--The dinosaurs have great powers. You can collect their eggs and hatch them!

--Your subjects have their own unique characteristics. Their work ethic depends on your management!

--You must collect more sophisticated equipment for your workers. The future of your undercity depends on them!

--You can excavate tunnels to connect your undercity to a friend’s.

-- Visit your friend’s undercity to see who has rarer treasures and more powerful dinosaurs!


Do you want to own powerful, hybrid dinosaurs? Go to a friend’s undercity and breed your dinosaurs to get one!


Available on iPhone5. If you don't have constant access to wifi, don't worry! Most of the game features are accessible without it!



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