Kingdom Pirates


Super Levels


Super levels are harder than normal and veteran levels and cost more rum, but grant better rewards.

Unlocking Super Levels

You will gain access to super levels after completing the quest “Squash Saunders.” Each super level can be unlocked under the following conditions:

a.First complete the storyboard counterpart of a super level. (Ex: Defeat Saunders before trying to take on Super Saunders.)

b.Acquire enough stars.

There are two ways to enter a super level:

a.You can find them on storyboard islands after completing certain levels.

b.You can tap “Super Level” (the icon below) on Closed Waters to view all available super levels.

Super levels can be locked or unlocked:

When you complete the storyboard counterpart of the super level but haven’t acquired enough stars for the super level, the status is shown as

When a super level is unlocked, the status is shown as and battle may commence.

You may loot

Rum consumption and rewards for each super level differ. Rewards include:

a. Materials
b. Lots of Gold
c. Lots of Tech Points
d. Ocean Tears