Kingdom Pirates


Pirate Tourney


Enter the Pirate Tourney to fight other players. Players who perform well will receive better prizes.

After completing the quest “Kick Kachi,” you will have access to the tourney.

To enter the Pirate Tourney, tap theicon at the bottom of the screen or on the Helping Parrot.

You have 10 free Pirate Tourney attempts every day. When you run out of free attempts, you can buy more with rubies. If you defeat an opponent, you will not encounter a cooldown. If you lose, however, you will. The cooldown can be cleared with rubies. VIP 4+ players will not encounter a cooldown after failing an attempt.

When you challenge a higher-ranked player and win, the two of you will switch tourney ranks. If you lose, neither of you will change ranks.

If you challenge a lower-ranked player and win, your rank will remain the same.

You can check your tourney ranking underHigher-ranked players will receive better daily Tourney Rewards. You receive better Tourney Rewards after moving up to higher waters.