Kingdom Pirates


Transport Cargo


After completing the quest “Put a Lid on the Kidd,” you will be able to transport cargo. Tapon Closed Waters or on the Helping Parrot to enter the Transport page.

Tap “Transport” to start. 5 different cargo qualities are available. You can change the cargo quality by tapping “Bribe.” Bribing isn’t always successful. VIP 9+ players have the option to ship the finest cargo by spending rubies. You get three transports every day.

Other pirates can plunder your cargo ship up to 2 times per transport. You can avoid plunders by paying a transport fee.

You can plunder other players up to five times a day. If your plunder is successful, you can plunder again immediately. If a plunder ends in failure, you will receive a cooldown before your next plunder. VIP 6+ players will not encounter cooldowns after plunder failures.