Kingdom Pirates




On Open Waters, you can pillage other pirates. If you win, you can loot their production islands. If you successfully pillage another player, you will receive a 1 hour cooldown. If you lose, you will receive a 15-minute cooldown. When the total cooldown exceeds 4 hours, you will not be able to pillage again until the cooldown period is completely over. You can always spend rubies to finish your cooldown instantly. Each Instant Finish will cost more rubies than the last.

Pillage Rewards

If you win a battle, you will receive plenty of resources, infamy, and prestige. When both sides are in different guilds, the winner’s guild receives guild honor. You also have a chance to get runestones and enemy Jolly Rogers. After you collect enough Jolly Rogers, you will be able to complete milestones on the treasure map. You can also use Jolly Rogers to increase your infamy.

After you win a battle, you can loot resources and materials that the defeated player has not yet stored away. Looting has a time limit, and when the time is up you automatically exit the Loot page. You can destroy the defeated player’s production islands after you win the pillage. Destroyed production islands cannot produce resources or materials until they have been repaired. The production islands of VIP 5+ will not be destroyed after a pillage.

If you successfully defend yourself against a pillage, you will not be placed in War Refuse. If you fail to defend yourself, you will receive a 6-hour War Refuse. No one can attack you during this period, but you can attack others to get out of War Refuse. A Peace buff will also protect you from being attacked. If you are already in War Refuse, a Peace buff will make your War Refuse even longer.