Kingdom Pirates



The main resources are:

Picture Name Description
Ruby Ruby is a currency that can be bought with real money. It can be used for everything imaginable.
Gold Gold is a currency that can be acquired through battles, quests, trade and so on.
Crop Crop is used to recruit deck hands.
Rum You use rum when you fight. How much you use depends on your challenge. You can get it rum back automatically over time.
Tech Points Tech points are used to upgrade your technology.
Deck Hands Each officer bring deck hands along during battles. You cannot fight when you are out of deck hands.
Infamy Players gain infamy from fighting other players in the Pirate Tourney. You can gain more infamy as you advance in the game.
Prestige Players gain prestige by pillaging others in Open Waters. Points are calculated once a week. Prestige is required for moving to higher waters.