Kingdom Pirates

 How to Play

Infamy Level

Infamy Level

Your infamy level tells the world how experienced you are as a pirate. Pillaging, tourneys, and transports can give you the infamy you need to level yourself. As you advance, you will gain better rewards and unlock more powerful officers.

Infamy Prizes

Every time you upgrade your infamy level, you will receive some gold. When you hit certain levels, you will receive fantastic prizes.

Infamy Level Prizes Infamy Level Unlocked Officers
Lv4 Silver Chest Lv8 Infamy Gift Box-1
Lv12 Infamy Gift Box-2 Lv18 Sidney
Lv24 Infamy Gift Box-3 Lv30 Nicks
Lv36 Infamy Gift Box-4 Lv42 Grey
Lv48 Infamy Gift Box-5 Lv54 Anne Bonny