Kingdom Pirates

 How to Play



A guild is where many pirates can congregate together for social activity. Pirates can make friends through their guild. A successful guild can, in turn, help you develop.

After you finish the quest “Slap a Kapa”, you will have access to the guild feature. Tap the at the bottom of the screen to view the Guild page.

You can either join a guild or create your own.

You can create a guild after:

a.a.Reaching level 15.

b.Spending 60,000 gold.


A guild has three different types of management positions and consists of one leader, three officers, and five veterans. Their roles are:

Leader Officer Veteran
Transfer leadership
Edit guild announcement
Edit guild intro
Approve applicants
Demote officers
Remove veterans
Kick members

A guild leader cannot leave the guild unless he or she transfers leadership. You can only dismiss a guild when you are the only member.

Guild Honor

Your guild honor increases when you defeat a player from a rival guild. When you lose to a rival player, your guild honor decreases. At the end of every week, players in the top 10 guilds will receive Guild Honor Rewards based on their contribution rank. The rewards are sent in the form of mail attachments.

Guild Tech

A guild has three available techs. Each tech has a different function:

When a guild reaches level 5, its members receive stipends every day. The more you contribute to your guild, the higher your stipends will be.

Guildie Gifts

Guildies can send gifts to each other, including the Guildie Horn, Guildie Defense, and Guildie Peace Buff. Guildie gifts can only be used by the recipient.
Guildie Horn: When your guildie uses a Guildie Horn, the morale of his/her combating officers will increase.
Guildie Defense: When your guildie uses a Guildie Defense, the deck hands of his/her officers will increase.