Kingdom Pirates

 How to Play


Tech Points

Tech points are essential for upgrading your technology. You can get tech points by completing normal levels.


One of the best ways to make yourself stronger is by upgrading your technology in the Technology Center. Technology upgrades are limited by:

a.Your level
b.Building Level
c.Prerequisite tech level
d.Tech points

There are many types of technology:

Type Technology Description
General Command Ability Sends more deck hands into battle.
Ship Expansion Sends more officers into battle.
Potential Flex Raises the level cap of all equipment.
Melee Specialization Raises the level cap of melee equipment.
Corsair Specialization Raises the level cap of corsair equipment.
Ranged Specialization Raises the level cap of ranged equipment.
Stats Boosts Muster Strength Increases Physical ATK.
Iron Shield Increases Physical DEF.
Agility Strike Increases Special ATK.
Armor Coating Increases Special DEF.
Intellect Beam Increases Strategic ATK.
Wisdom Barrier Increases Strategic DEF.
Wall Reinforcements Minefield Deals damage to Ranged.
Stake Pit Deals damage to Melee.
Cannon Placement Deals damage to Corsairs.

Wall Reinforcements

Wall reinforcements can cause severe damage to enemies when used wisely.
The wall contains three types of reinforcements: Minefield, Stake Pit, and Cannon Placement.

After completing the quest "Mess with Mosey,” you can begin building wall reinforcements. There's a limit on how many reinforcements you can build. Once you reach level 20, you can build an additional reinforcement every 5 levels. You can have 9 additional reinforcements in total. Building additional reinforcements will cost gold.

Tap on the empty spot and then spend some gold to build a wall reinforcement. Reinforcements only do damage to the officer type they target.

Once a wall reinforcement is triggered, it will disappear. You will have to rebuild it.