Kingdom Pirates

 How to Play


The green represents the deck hands under each of your officers. An officer who is out of deck hands loses the battle. The orange represents the morale you need to launch a specialty attack. Melee officers do not use morale.

Battle Mode

The battle system is completely automated. All officers attack each turn. Once all attacks have been completed, the next turn begins. (Ex: Player A’s one officer fights against Player B’s five officers. After Player A’s officer finishes, each of Player B’s 5 officers launches an attack. The battle continues until one side is completely wiped out.)

Battle Speed

The default battle animation speed is 1x. VIP 3+ and players level 10 and up can battle 2x faster. VIP 8+ and players level 30 and up can battle 4x faster. If a level receives a 3-star rating, its battle animation can be skipped during future attempts. Players with VIP 10 can skip any battle animation instantly.


After a battle is complete, your rating is determined by the percentage of deck hands you lose. The rules are as follows:

Deck Hand Casualties Battle Result Star Raiting
a<20% Grand Victory 3 Stars
20%≤a<30% Great Victory 2 Stars
30%≤a<50% Victory 2 Stars
50%≤a<80% Minor Victory 1 Stars
80%≤a<100% Skin of Our Teeth 1 Stars